About us

Live AID, NGO is a voluntary NGO that was established and operates in accordance with the law number 83/1990 of the legal code about a union of citizens of the Slovak Republic. Live AID organization was established in order to satisfy common and public interests. The organization was registered at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic on 9th February 2006.
Activities the organization and its members perform are in accordance with the law, other generally binding regulations, Live AID statutes, the Organization‘s Code and the resolutions of the organization‘s organs. Live AID is an independent organization having a legal subjectivity. The organization was assigned an Identification number of the organization 30801443 that was registered in the Statistics‘ register on 3rd March 2006.
Live AID is a non-governmental humanitarian organization whose main mission is to perform activities of humanitarian aid in Slovakia and abroad as well as to perform cooperation with the developing countries of Africa, known as ‚countries of poverty‘. The main mission of the organization in Slovakia is implementation of activities of development education guidance of the European cultural and world dialogue the purpose of which is to inform people about solidarity and culture and help to form a cultural and tolerant environment. One of the activities is also informing the public about the mentioned African countries, propaganda of their cultural heritage and support of the African-Slovak cooperation in general aspect. Through the interdependence of the activities stated above, we enable to support and represent directly the interests of our partner organizations in Slovakia and abroad, as well as introduce Slovakia in the countries mentioned. For this purpose, the organization Live AID performs especially:

  1. Activities of humanitarian aid and cooperation related to humanitarian aid including aid to developing countries, in Slovakia and abroad
  1. Cooperation with media in Slovakia, Europe and Africa in order to create and support non-commercial projects focused on spreading information to the public about the African countries, humanitarian aid to African countries, informing the public about the cultural heritage of the African countries and different strategies. The strategies include:
  • the strategy of European countries regarding aid to African countries
  • the strategy of African countries alone
  • the EU strategy
  • the strategy of Slovakia with the intention to explore and gain more information about the African countries in order to be able to provide aid
  1. Transfer of knowledge, experience and information between Slovakia and the African countries, respectively between Slovakia and the countries of Latin America or countries of the united Europe.
  1. Organises conferences, seminars, lectures and presentations, trainings, campaigns, language and media courses, exhibitions and cultural events.
  1. Provides assistance to universities and ensures communication between universities on the international level aimed at the mutual cooperation and student exchange 
  2. Propaganda of information about the African countries or countries of the Latin America by means of a non-periodical press and the Internet and also by using other available media.
  1. Supports the respecting of equivalence and ensures equivalence of religious and ethnic groups, multiculturalism and creates environment for the dialogue, democracy, communication and tolerance
  1. Information propaganda about Slovakia and Europe, especially about its expert capacities both in Slovakia and abroad focusing on medical and scientific skills and projects.
  1. Publishing, multimedia and editorial activities
  1. Preparation and implementation of developing projects in the areas of education, culture, ecology, medicine, management, economy, agriculture, drinking water, life style and tourism.
  1. Cooperation with state authorities, bodies of the regional and district councils, religious and other entities regarding the cooperation in the area of the humanitarian and developing aid and cooperation in Slovakia and abroad
  1. Adoption of children at distance, for example the project providing education and upbringing of children not living with their parents or children from families with more children.